Up-to-date information for end consumers

Dear customers,
Dear friends of traindee®

Due to our specialization in a pure production company, we only supply dealers, veterinarians, dog clubs as well as dog schools and dog trainers, etc. with a valid business license.

For inquiries about purchasing conditions and admission as a retailer (online + stationary), please contact us at [email protected]

Where can I buy the traindee® leash expander?

Please ask at pet shops, dog trainers, dog schools, barf stores, veterinarians, etc. in your area for personal advice and stationary purchases.


Our online distribution partner for traindee® leash expanders for EU countries and Switzerland is Animal Experts.


The traindee® leashes can be purchased online and by appointment on site through the Heimtierstore.


We are also trying to find an even more convenient ordering option for end customers in Switzerland. For the time being, please contact www.animalexperts.at